Driers and Heat Exchangers

Driers and Heat Exchangers Brochure


Reduces zinc splashes.
Reduces zinc ash and galvanizing fumes.
Reduces the risk of deformation of thin materials.
Increases the process speed by faster dipping.

  • Heat resistant chain conveyor system
  • Covers: From St 37 steel, strenghtened with profiles
  • Ducts for blowing air: St 37 steel
  • Insulation: Rock wool
  • Paint: Sand blasting, 1 layer of primer, 2 layers of epoxy paint, 120 microns
  • Plenums: St 37 steel
  • High capacity circulation fan, with invertor and valves etc.
  • Burner system, with valves etc.
  • PLC controlled Panel
  • Thermocouple

Heat Exchanger for the Drier

Uses the excess energy of the galvanizing furnace to heat the drier. Hot air from the furnace passes inside of the stainless steel pipes and heates the air outside of the pipes, reducing the energy need of the drier.

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