Acid Inhibitor – Ironsave®

acid inhibitor

Acid pickling is for the removal of oxides from the surface of the steel materials, it is a fundamental stage in the hot dip galvanising process.

In most plants it is performed by dipping the steel pieces in an acid solution with hydrochloric acid(HCL). In such a solution the acid attacks both oxides and any exposed metal surface. To avoid this phenomena, corrosion inhibiting substances are used which allows surface oxides to be removed without attack on the steel surface.

IRONSAVE® is a corrosion inhibitor specifically formulated for the hot dip galvanising process.


  • It reduces acid consumption
  • It allows for a proper protection of the metal in different kinds of steel
  • It prevents the effect of hydrogen embrittlement
  • It produces smoother surfaces after pickling stage so avoiding “hidden” absorptions during the galvanising stage
  • Together with ANTIVAPOR® , it allows for an improved working environment
  • It guarantees the protection of the materials immersed in the pickling even during week-ends
Ironsave - Acid Inhibitor - Hot Dip Galvanizing | ANI METAL
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