The most important stage in the hot dip galvanising process is when the steel articles are dipped in the molten zinc bath at around 450°C.
This process generates small ‘explosions’ due to the instant vaporisation of the water lying on the surface of the pieces, resulting in zinc being showered all over the work area.
Both zinc and time are wasted, because the speed of dipping is reduced in an effort to limit these spurts.
In the most severe cases the actual physical safety of operators is put at risk.

ANTIBLAST® is Soprin’s answer to this problem. ANTIBLAST® is a wetting agent of zinc ammonium chloride that promotes bonding.
The explosions are eliminated with this chemical substance (except in the case of pockets of liquid that form if the artefacts to be galvanised have been poorly designed).


  • Saving of zinc by eliminating the spurting
  • Increase in operator safety
  • Higher production rate because of faster dipping speed
  • Reduction in ash and smoke
  • Reduced salt consumption
  • Better quality of galvanised material
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