Flux Zinc®

Immediately after each immersion of steel pieces in the zinc bath ash is formed on the surface of the molten zinc, this has to be removed before the next galvanising operation. These ashes consist of oxides of zinc chloride together with metallic zinc. The latter in the form of droplets in various sizes, these represent a considerable loss to the galvaniser.

FLUX ZINC® contains salts and elements that enhance the melting of the zinc metal contained in the ashes and separate it from the other metals, allowing it to go back into the zinc bath.


  • Used on the surface it allows for the recovery of over 90% of the zinc metal contained in the ashes.
  • It makes all operations faster compared to traditional methods
  • It allows for a saving in manpower during operations
  • It allows for the immidiate use of the recovered zinc
  • Used in immersion it purifies the zinc in the bath
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