KVK Tanks

The KVK-tanks are built from panels which have a special sandwich-construction:an impact-resistant core of synthetic ceramic, coated on both sides with fibre-reinforced laminates to form an inseparable piece.
The resulting exceptionally high impact strenght resists even the most severe mechanical shocks.

Chemical Resistance
KVK-pickling tanks are resistant to most chemicals used in pickling processes.

No Welds
The tank walls are manufactured as one continous seamless piece over the entire length and breadth of the tank.

Temperature Resistant
KVK-panels have a much better performance at high temperature.

KVK-pickle tanks are further protected from mechanical shocks and abrasions by additional hard-wearing surfaces which substantially increase their operational life-span.

Easy, Fast Repairs
When a sharp piece of steel strikes the tank Wall during dipping only minor local damage occurs to the KVK-tank Wall.This damage can easily be repaired by in-house staff.

Exterior Protection
All KVK-tanks are constructed around a robust well-proportioned steel framework.

Environmental Control
Every KVK-pickle tank is designed as an individual self-supporting unit and would normally be installed in a pre-treatment foundation pit of sufficient size to enable free access for inspections.



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