Polypropylene Tanks

Polypropylene Tanks Brochure

  • Polystone® P (Homopolymer) ROECHLING / German massive polypropylene product
  • Compatible with German DVS 2208-1 standarts, special PLC controlled butt welding
  • Extrusion and fusion method weldings
  • Epoxy painted steel reinforcement
  • On site welding to reduce the cost of shipping when required
  • Material type, thickness and steel reinforcement calculations with RITA programme according to medium – chemical/heat and concentration
  • Filling and drainage valves and pipings
  • Chemical and water piping connections between the tanks and piping stations

ANI Metal - Polypropylene Tanks

ANI Metal - Polypropylene Tanks

ANI METAL- Polypropylene Tanks

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