Pretreatment Tanks

Pretreatment Tanks Brochure

As with all types of coating methods, the most important step in low-cost, high-quality hot dip galvanizing is pretreatment. Using the right chemicals, controlling the surface cleaning process with regular analysis are the most important parts of getting a highquality, low cost coating.

The correct application according to the procedures of the steps mentioned below is very important in obtaining the targeted criteria.

  • Degreasing
  • Pickling
  • Rinsing (minimum 2 steps)
  • Fluxing

The proper application of the process also depends on the use of the right equipment. Protection of the building and equipment against corrosion can be ensured with the correct and acid resistant tank and process equipment.

For this purpose, the use of the following equipment is very important in the pretreatment process:

  • Pretreatment tanks
  • Tank heating plates
  • Piping and pumping station
  • Walk ways – Gratings
  • The acid vapour cleaner (scrubber)
  • Acid stock tanks
  • The flux treatment system
  • The acid regeneration unit (in the necessary areas)
  • The water treatment unit (in the necessary areas)

ANI METAL- Pretreatment Tanks

ANI METAL- Pretreatment Tanks

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