Zinc Paste

Zinc Paste


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  • Provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion
  • High-purity, heat & weather resistant zinc protection
  • Performs touch-up on galvanized parts
  • Used for protection after welding and assembly works
  • Prevents oxidation for a long time
  • Dries fast, heat resistant (120°C)

Areas of Use

  • Zinc Paste is used mainly for aesthetic purposes as it gives a bright appearance of aluminium. It also has a good chemical and abrasion resistance, enabling its use in industrial environments.
  • Used for coating, priming and touch-up on bodywork components. Used on agricultural machinery, trailers, vehicles and tow cars, silos, greenhouses, construction machinery, steel structures etc.


  • Can be applied on a clean surface with a brush, paint roller, traditional industrial air brushing or the airless method.
  • Corners, sharp contours, bolts and nuts have to go pre-treatment prior to application; paste is applied uniformly in one layer with a brush afterwards.

Technical Data

Art. Nr.W 140 620
Package1 kg


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