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Anqa Degreaser Info IconANQA DEGREASER is an acidic degreaser based on phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid.

Anqa Degreaser Drops

ANQA DEGREASER removes oil and other impurities from the surface of steel.

Anqa Degreaser PhosphorusContains lower phosphoric acid

  • Lower amount of solids after degreasing
  • Lower amount of solid waste

Anqa Degreaser Check MarkContains surfactants

  • Increases degreasing efficiency

Anqa Degreaser Emoji Thumbs UpContains corrosion inhibitors

  • Prevents acid attack to the steel

Anqa Degreaser Warning Sign

Degreasing tanks should be acid resistant and be able to be heated to 35°C.Anqa Degreaser Temeprature Icon


Preparation of the Acidic Degreasing Solution

  • Calculate the volume of the tank
  • Fill 75% of the working level of the tank with water
  • Fill 8 to 10% of the working level with ANQA DEGREASER
  • Fill the rest of the tank to working level with water
ANI Metal - Anqa Degreaser

Anqa Degreaser Worker HelmetTechnical Characteristics

Working Parameters
pH : 1 – 2
Temperature : 30 – 40°C
Process time : 10 – 30 minutes depending on the oil on steel substradeAnqa Degreaser Fe Zn
Iron concentration (Fe+2) : max 50 g/liter

Wrench and Hummer IconMaintenance of the Degreasing Solution

There is a consumption of the chemical

  • By reaction of the oil and the chemical
  • By drag out of the articles

Consumption of the product is 0.8 – 1.2 kg/t of galvanized material and depends on the oil content and the surface area of the articles.

Additions have to be made according to the ton of galvanized steel.Anqa Degreaser Checklist-icon

Monthly analysis will help to maintain the degreasing solution btw 8-10% concentration.

ANI Metal - Anqa Degreaser