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Info IconFluxing is the final cleaning and preparation process before the materials are galvanized.

The purpose of fluxing is to provide further and final cleaning of the steel until the moment that it enters the molten zinc.

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Remember “If it is not clean, it cannot be galvanized.”


Gear IconFluxing also provide a temporary corrosion protection barrier in order to prevent any further formation of rust on the articles e.g. ‘Flash rusting’.

Thus allowing some delay between fluxing and galvanizing, this will happen in a busy plant. This is a good feature because in a smoothly run plant, the molten zinc tank should not be waiting for the articles. Articles should be lined up ahead of the hot dipping operation.

Laboratory GlasswareDRAGON FLUX is a double salts flux of ZnCl₂ 2 NH₄Cl

The solution consists of a mixture of two chemical compounds, each being compounds of two elements, namely: 56% Zinc Chloride (ZnCl₂) and 44% Ammonium Chloride (NH₄Cl)

These two compounds are mixed in water to form a product called Zinc Ammonium Chloride.

Ani Metal - Encapsulated Pretreatment Room

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Advantages of DRAGON FLUX

  • Prevents oxidation of steel after pretreatment until galvanizing
  • Removes the fine rust layer remaining on the surface of the material after pickling
  • Reduces zinc consumption
  • Reduces zinc ash formation
  • Decreases zinc dross formation
  • Reduces coating thickness
  • Plays an effective role in obtaining homogeneous coating
  • Increases process speed
  • Prevents the formation of coating defects
  • Increases quality

ANI Metal - Dragon FluxTechnical Characteristics

General Description

Appearance: Small or large crystals
Chemical formulation : ZnCl₂ 2 NH₄Cl
Molecular weight : 243,29
pH in solution : 4-5

Chemical Composition

ZnCl₂ : 54 – 56,5 %
NH₄Cl : 41 – 44 %

Worker HelmetWorking Parameters

pH : 3-4
Temperature : 50ᵒC
Process time : 2-3 minutes
Total salt concentration : 400-550 g/liter
Iron concentration (Fe+2) : max 5 g/liter

Wrench and Hummer IconMaintenance of the DRAGON FLUX Solution

There is a consumption of the chemical

  • By reaction of the chemical and steel surface
  • By drag out of the articles

Consumption of the product is approximately 1.2 kg/t of galvanized material and depends on the surface area of the articles.

Additions have to be made according to the ton of galvanized steel, weekly or twice a week, depending on the quantity galvanized.

Monthly analysis will help to maintain the flux solution in the desired concentration and composition.

ANI Metal - Flux Treatment Systems

    Thumbs Up EmojiRemoval of Fe+2
    Fe+2 has to be kept as minimum as possible, near to ‘0’, or less than 3 gr/liter in a flux solution. After 5 gr/liter Fe+2, the increase in dross will be significant.

    By controlling the amount of Fe+2, you can control your dross amount, ash amount and splashes in the zinc bath.

    Please contact ANI METAL for our Flux Treatment System if you need any help in removal of Fe+2 from flux solution.Recycling Sign