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ANI METAL, as one of the leading plant suppliers in the hot-dip galvanizing industry, in addition to the supply of turnkey galvanizing plants, provides a number of engineering supports such as process consultancy, financial analysis and cost analysis including market analysis.

Turnkey Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants

The company which has intensified its business especially in the Middle East, North Africa and West Asia, has completed the installation of nearly 40 turnkey plants and has cooperated with more than 100 companies both in the process consulting fields and supplies of various galvanizing equipment with the world’s leading business partners.

Depending on the customer requirements and investment budgets, ANI Metal supplies galvanizing plants from manual basic systems to modern factories with high-level technology, with automated material handling.

ANI METAL - Turnkey Galvanising Plants

With the experience and knowledge of its staff, which have been gained over many years, ANI Metal provides an unlimited and free consultancy and engineering service to its customers, to let them achieve minimum process costs and high quality and high efficiency in galvanizing.

As a representative of the leading galvanized chemical companies in the industry, it supports the objectives of its customers for high quality, high efficiency and low cost.

  • Market analysis
  • Investment cost analysis
  • Choosing the best dimension for the galvanizing kettle
  • Plant layout
  • Calculations and building drawings in steel and concrete
  • Supply of galvanizing equipment
  • Delivery and logistical support
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Process consultancy
  • Supply of galvanizing chemicals and nickel tablets