Factory Equipment


With its business partners who are leaders in their own field of the Galvanizing Equipment, ANI Metal installs galvanizing factories with a wide range of products according to the budgets and demands of customers from manual plants operated by conventional systems to semi and full-automatic high technology factories.

In particular, in an era in which environmental factors and regulations are increasingly gaining importance, environmentally friendly galvanizing plants have become an obligation. Environmental Friendly Plants where all tanks and surface treatment chemicals are placed in an encapsulated room, where the galvanizing furnace is enclosed and the zinc fume is collected and filtered are choosen and preferred for occupational health and safety standards.

According to the needs and demands of each customer, ANI Metal presents turnkey solutions with calculations and manufacturing of the set of factory equipment with;

  • Pilling galvanizing kettles with indisputable reliability, with the special welding technology and sheet metal composition
  • Korner KVK surface treatment tanks with long service life and durability
  • Scheffer Krantechnik crane systems from semi-automatic to full automatic plant transportation systems