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Use an anti-fume agent to minimize acid droplets in the air around the tanks and to provide better environment for personnel and equipment.

Lycan Fumeblock

The anti-fume agent may be a foam layer, plastic balls, etc., or a chemical additive that minimizes droplet formation, which is sprayed on top of the pickling bath.

The correct solution is encapsulated pretreatment room to provide occupational health and safety, a clean environment and holistic protection of buildings and equipment against acid fume corrosion. Anti fume agents are the solution in limited conditions.

Lycan Fumeblock



  • Reduces the surface tension of the acid molecules in the pickling baths, which leads to a significant reduction in the emission of acid fumes on the surface of the pickling baths, even when forming a new bath
  • Reduces emissions of fumes visibly regardless of the operating temperatureLycan Fumeblock Worker
  • Has an emulsifying effect on the organic components from the working bath by keeping them stable and delaying the time of floating of organic impurities on the surface of the working bath
  • Increases the wetting power of base material / steel, which increases the homogeneity of pickling

Technical Characteristics

Preparation of the Pickling Solution with LYCAN FUMEBLOCK

  • Calculate the volume of the tank
  • Fill 50% of the working level of the tank with water
  • Fill LYCAN FUMEBLOCK in 2% of the amount of concentrated acid added in new bath
  • Fill the rest of the tank to working level with HClLycan Fumeblock Glass Flask Beaker

Maintenance of the Pickling Solution

Consumption of the chemical takes place by carry-over.

Additions have to be made according to the fresh HCl added, as 2% LYCAN FUMEBLOCK of the amount of concentrated acid added. Lycan Fumeblock Thumbs Up

Working Parameters

Temperature : RT-35°C
Process time : 15-90 minutes depending on the free HCl and Fe+2 content on the pickling solution
Iron concentration (Fe+2) : Maximum 125 g/liter
Free HCl concentration : Minimum 25 g/liter

Lycan Fumeblock