Painting a galvanized steel surface can be a challenge as the paint may fail to hold on to the surface. However, achieving a successful paint coating, Duplex System, is possible with a proper application.

Duplex Systems:

Effective application of the Duplex System ensures that the paint adheres well to the galvanized steel. The first pre-requisite for achieving this aim is using a paint compatible with the Hot Dip Galvanized coating. The Duplex System is comprised of 3 layers of paint, and the condition of compatibility is of paramount importance especially for the first layer; it is the layer of interface that binds the paint itself and the galvanized steel surface together. A good bonding is not possible with the wrong product. There are several types of paint that can be used to achieve a good interface. Zinc Rich Paints are one of these alternatives.

Zinc Rich Paints:

Zinc Rich Paints are known for their excellent adhesion to galvanized surfaces, both damaged and undamaged. Since the zinc dust in Zinc Rich Paints is integrated with organic binders, it keeps the zinc particles in contact with each other to provide cathodic protection for the zinc paint. In addition, since it contains a high amount of zinc in the dry film, it combines synergistically with the anti-corrosion properties of metallic zinc.

Zinc Rich Paints are used to repair damaged galvanized coatings in accordance with the ASTM A 780 standards. Paints satisfying the condition of no less than a minimum of 65% Zinc in content meet the standards and pass as Zinc Rich Paints. They are widely utilized for retouching and repairing damaged galvanized coatings. The application of Zinc Rich Paints is also relatively easy.

It is worth adding that Zinc Rich Paints can be used also as a primer to add adherence to the surface, as well as a top coat when a neutral or harmonious grey colour is desired. However, it should be considered that very strong solvents may cause the primer to peel off.

How To Paint Galvanized Steel?

How To Paint Galvanized Steel?

Zinc Spray:

Zinc spray is extremely durable and flexible. In addition, it protects the active metal parts and completes the electrochemical processes within itself. It creates a smooth appearance, is paintable and has outstanding thermal stability.

You should shake it well before use. Then you can spray it on clean surfaces. It should be used 8 hours before painting, and after use, the can is turned upside down and you need to spray until the air comes out.


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