One of the main issues in hot dip galvanizing process is the material handling. All the concentration must be given to make less material handling possible in the factory. The articles have to be loaded on jigs in the beginning of the galvanizing process and have to go through the process on the same jig until unloading after galvanizing, without being unloaded or without operator intervention.

In handling the following must be considered:

  • Achieving the continuity of flow of material through the galvanizing bath
  • Ensuring that the kettle volume is used as much as possible
  • Completing each cycle of operation in the shortest possible time
  • Achieving the optimum possible weight in each dip, that the capacity of the furnace allows

In this sense,

  1. Check the geometry and the limitations of the work before galvanizing
  2. Plan the throughput
  3. Plan dipping
  4. Avoid transferring the work

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