The most exciting part in commissioning of a new plant is seeing the zinc molten and ready for galvanizing.

How shall the zinc be melted without damaging the kettle?

The first principle is having a good heat distribution through the kettle base, walls and zinc inside the kettle. This can be achieved by placing the zinc ingots touching the entire surface of the walls and bottom of the kettle. Correct packing of the zinc in the kettle will ensure effective heat transfer through the walls to the zinc.

The second principle is to measure the heat distribution throughout the entire kettle volume, not from a single point. Several disposable thermocouples should be placed under the zinc to be able to measure the temperature from different locations this will ensure the even heating of the kettle base and kettle walls, the temperature variance between both will be kept within the W. Pilling – kettle supplier meltdown and heat treatment parameters.

The small distortion which is seen in the middle of most of the kettles are not observed by this type of temperature measurement during melting of zinc.

Zinc Melting Process


The third principle is heating the kettle very slowly until the temperature reaches the melting point of zinc, 419,5oC. The temperature increase should be 3-4°C per hour until 320°C is reached. Then the temperature is kept constant at 320°C for 36 hours and heating continues until all the zinc is molten. After reaching 419,5°C and having the complete zinc molten, you can increase your temperature to 450°C and your kettle is ready for the cleaning before your first dip.

The kettle cover should be placed on the kettle during all the zinc melting process.

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