Galvanizing is one of the best coatings for corrosion protection of steel. It gives long life to steel structures in most environments.

Why To Choose Galvanizing For Corrosion Protection of Steel?

Why to choose galvanizing for corrosion protection of steel?

Its performance is achieved in C1 and C2 atmospheres the best, indoors and urban areas. Galvanizing still protects the steel in C5 and CX environments, seashore, and ocean shores. With a coating thickness of 100 microns, the steel is corrosion-proof for up to 15 years even at the worst environmental conditions.

Why galvanizing is the best alternative for corrosion protection of steel?

The answer lies in Zinc and the adhesion of the galvanized coating between Zinc and Steel substrate.

  • Galvanizing is a sacrificial coating. The electronegativity of Zinc is higher than Iron, therefore Zinc corrodes first. When the coating is damaged, before the steel substrate, the Zinc starts to corrode. The corrosion products of zinc fill this damaged area and these zinc salts slow down the rate of corrosion, protecting the steel.
  • With the Fe-Zn alloy layers in the galvanized coating, galvanizing has high abrasion resistance
  • Galvanizing has excellent corrosion protection on the edges of the articles and inside the hollow sections like pipes, unlike electroplating.
  • Galvanizing has a very long service life and it is maintenance-free for years, unlike painting.

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